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Geisha "Gal Pal": Joseph Carl White II

Geisha "Gal Pal": Kevin Schneider

Geisha/Spa Buddy: Polet Vartanians

Businessmen:Dickinson Lo, Marc Montes, Omar Mosley

Dancers: Aly Weinberg, Alyssa Finney, Andrew Crawford, Arthur Petikyan, Dickinson Lo, Dylan Hassler, Erica Villalobos, Javier Ortega, Joseph Carl White II, Karina Jackson, Kevin Schneider, Lexi Vay, Marc Montes, Nikia Knox, Omar Mosley, Polet Vartanians, Savannah Scott, Suzy Petrossian, Winter Sheth, Yuri A. Bastres-Estevez

Director: Luciano Fontana

Co-Director: Paige Cone

Director of Photography: Frank Trenado

Cameraman: Antonio Gullo

Costume Designer/Stylist: Tomika Smalls

Sushi Bikini Designer:Aly Weinberg

Makeup Artists: Martha Fernandez, Abe Steinberg, 

Yvonne Alanis, Nisha McElroy, and Sarah Chessir

Hair Stylist: Randi Cagnolotti

First AD: Claudio Bagni

Best Boy: Andrea Bellavista

PA: Simona Riga

gei·sha-ma·ni·a  [gey-shuh-mey-nee-uh] 


1.    Lady Geisha’s loopy song an’ dance about a modern-day

GEISHA-NISTA’s quest for status and all things bling-related.

2.    The crazy “joi de vie” spread by singing, dancing, and laughing your ass off to Lady Geisha’s silly song parody.

3.   Ridiculous impersonations of geisha-like theatrical characters by men and/or women.

Hey Mitzy, have you heard Lady Geisha’s GEISHA-MANIA! is like Gaga gone Gangnam?


GEISHA-MANIA! was filmed in downtown Los Angeles, Chinatown, Burbank, the Grove, and LACMA! (The salon scene was shot at Nail & Hair Bar in Burbank, CA -- thank you Mike & Sara!)

Lady Geisha had 12 costume changes, five wigs, and four manicure looks. Her finale jacket was designed by Tomika Smalls and the one-of-a-kind sushi bikini by Aly Weinberg. Jewelry was provided by Sparxxx of Hollywood, as well as a few pieces from the original Lady Geisha Collection! 

Six kimono-clad Chihuahuas (courtesy puppy mom & dancer Savannah Scott) were sporting costumes created by Nancy Jeong.