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Funny you should ask. 

Lady Geisha (aka comedy rapper Zoe Black) describes herself as a "fabulous quirky underdog with killer biceps" -- and in a sea of Beliebers and auto-tuned clones, who doesn't love a long shot?

This modern-day GEISHANISTA™ gone bad possesses an insatiable penchant for opulence, bling, fashion, and FUN -- the complete antithesis of traditional geishas. Tossing ancient customs to the curb, Lady Geisha's "Gaga-gone-Gangnam" twist spoofs reality while spreading her own off-the-wall "joi de vie."

Not that Lady Geisha is making a cultural or political statement in any way. Ms. Black originally created her as a cartoon character quick to spew one-liners. With a natural propensity for the preposterous, she wrote an absurd theme song and brought the wacky rapper to life.

"Lady Geisha's an obnoxiously funny fashionista-of-sorts who chooses to view the world through diamond-encrusted glasses. (Preferably Gucci.) She's edgy, over-the-top, and celebrates luxurious living ... yet is able to laugh at herself, a very endearing quality. Lady G-Lo knows she's ridiculous but thrives on pushing people's buttons to prove life's a lot better with laughter. She's like Weird Al -- on estrogen."

With a repertoire consisting of original songs, parodies, and physical comedy, Lady Geisha's debut single "GEISHA-MANIA!" introduced her silly, sexy sideshow filled with cross-dressing geishas, kimono-clad Chihuahuas, steamy hot tub scenes, and a trademark scream-laugh that's hard to forget -even if you try. But that's just the beginning.

Determined to make 2014 "The Year of the Geisha," Ms. Black is releasing several new singles this fall, with lots of other surprises in store. "Stay tuned for more insanity. I love, love, love making people laugh. There's NO age limit on having fun ... I just did it in a sushi bikini." ​